The A-Team provides three categories of Service for your Brand....but we always start with Strategy!  Based on your Brand Evaluation and Opportunity Assessment we formulate and tailor an exclusive strategy for your brand.

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Brand Strategy

  • Brand Evaluation and Review

  • Opportunity Assessment 

  • Allign on the Brand Story

  • Establish Brand Pillars: including Vision and Mission

  • Competitive Analysis (S.W.O.T.)

  • Develop Short/Long term Goals

  • Finalize Strategic Plan

  • If You are your Brand, Personal Branding Strategy is formulated

Brand Awareness


  • Establish Logos & Visual Equity 

  • Formalize a Brand Guide/Kit

  • Direct Photo and Video Shoot

  • Develop Engaging Content

  • Curate Social Media Campaign

  • Website Build or Update 

  • Develop a PR w/Results Plan

  • Develop a Personal Branding Video and Photo Shoot, Website and Social Media, for Cohesive Media

Brand Management
  • Position Brand for Sales and Scale

  • Identify Strategic Sales & Partners

  • SEO Maximum Media Exposure

  • Brand Product Development

  • Brand Sourcing Strategy

  • A-list Network Promotion

  • A-list Events for Exposure

  • Networking Ambassador

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