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My Love of Home Decor

It was an organic process of adding home decor to my list of consulting skills. Over the last ten years, I have sold two homes where the sale was contingent on including ALL of my furniture and the decor! I would not sell my furniture because I carefully and lovingly chose it all with my special vibe in mind. So, I had to turn down a few offers and wait a little longer to sell my homes. You cannot always find the same pieces you fell in love with, so it was worth the wait. It started to occur to me maybe I have a knack for decorating, and I began to brainstorm new opportunities in this category for my consulting business, A-List Branding.

My decor style is cozy chic with neutral and metallic accents and a pop of fashion color that could be changed depending on trend, season, or mood. Timeless trends are my favorite, and this is most likely why my decor was desirable to the new homeowners. The accent pieces that I change out for season or photo shoots would be pillows and throws. I also love gorgeous potted plants, which have been a massive trend over the last five years.

A beautiful blend of neutrals and metallics with a touch of color.

My consulting business began to excel based on apparel and accessories. Intimate apparel and lingerie was my entree into a significant contract with a home shopping company. Based on my success in this category, the company asked me to present the top trends of 2020, including outdoor space décor. They asked me to develop a new and exclusive brand. Due to COVID-19, consumers spend more time in their own outdoor spaces and are looking for unique items like chairs, cushions, hammocks, and fire pits to make the space cozy and unique! Also, the resurgence of shopping at home has provided a niche for my business to provide product development. I noticed a 2019/20 trend where consumers decorate their outdoor living spaces seasonally, even for each holiday. This observation resulted in me pitching seasonal outdoor design items-fur wreaths and pillows, blanket throws, candle/fire pits, and cozy hammocks.

A summer photo of my patio. The perfect inspiration for evening deck decor.

Another exciting opportunity that resulted from the state of affairs due to the pandemic was the challenging business climate for retail and fashion branding. We at A-list began to pivot some of our team efforts to personal branding and product photoshoots. And yes, you guessed it, we needed a place to shoot our clients and product shots. My home became the backdrop for very selective and safe photoshoots, mostly outdoors due to beautiful, unique scenery. My wall of ivy is the backdrop of choice!

Wall of Ivy - KMills Collection photo shoot

The connection of fashion and home décor has been evolving over the years, but never has it been so evident and relative as today. I see so many women running to Home Goods or At home on the weekends to walk every aisle looking for that unique find. I am so excited at the possibility of transforming my house by the season just as I change my wardrobe and experimenting with new pops of color! I guess with golden yellow being the color of next spring; I can envision a kitchen or outdoor patio with a bright lemon or marigold theme!

Pantone's Illuminating is one of the 2021 Colors of the Year. The influence of this yellow shade easily works in many categories!

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