The A-List Team is a diverse group of industry experts with over 30 years of experience in Marketing, Branding, Media, and Product development. As a team of consultants, we apply our extensive experience, networking capabilities, and various skill sets to design unique strategies that will elevate your brand for you and/or your company.

We listen to our clients’ stories and we focus on identifying growth opportunities for their businesses. Whether it’s creating a product line, developing unique marketing strategies, or cultivating relationships with key partners, our team has the background and experience to meet your company’s branding needs.  If you are your brand, we provide strategy, content, and marketing consulting to present your cohesive vision and target your strategic audience.

We foster strong relationships with key partners and suppliers, always looking for creative opportunities to grow our network. We are driven by our passion for developing brands, as well as our dedication and loyalty to our ever-growing community of inspiring customers. We want to help you thrive and monetize your unique brand. Why hire one consultant when you have the opportunity to hire a team of experts?


A-List Branding is a continuously growing network of industry professionals who leverage each other’s talents and share their expertise in order to help individuals and businesses monetize and build their brands.

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Janet Jack

Janet Jack, Founder and CEO of A-List Branding, is the company team leader, and currently serves as an Executive Board Member for the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Janet has 30 years of experience in the arena of retail, wholesale, product development, design, and merchandising. She served as a company officer for several Fortune 500 Companies, beginning her career at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas, the current home of A-list Branding.


Janet is a respected industry professional with a proven track record for stellar results, strong leadership, and a reputation for building award-winning brands. She's curated a top notch A-Team, comprised of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, all possessing the common desire to mentor and support entrepreneurs in their growth strategies. Their "quest for the best brands" is the driving force of their work.


Tina Santoro-Smith

Tina Santoro-Smith brings over 25 years of brand management, strategy, and business development experience to her Advisory Board Member role at A-List Branding. With a deep understanding of lifestyle, entertainment, restaurants, hospitality, marina, and the fashion industries, Tina's focus is building long-term relationships with individuals and companies looking to drive visibility for their brands and advance their businesses. 


Tina brings strategic counsel and strategy for all leadership responsibilities and client business development for result-driven growth. Tina's earlier career experience includes marketing and branding for GJM, Bennett & Company, New England Development/Newburyport Development, and RMS Media Group/Northshore Magazine. Tina lives just north of Boston with her family and is happiest when she expresses her creativity.

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Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson brings a passion for creative design solutions backed by strategy. She is a public relations and communications coordinator accomplished in media relations, special events coordination, graphic design, and social media strategy. She understands how design and communication goes hand-in-hand with building an effective brand strategy.


Courtney studied Strategic Communication and Graphic Design at Texas Christian University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Corporate Communication from the University of North Texas. Her work includes experience with reputable, local brands such as the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Dallas Love Field Airport, Texas Women’s Foundation, and North Texas Area Community Health Centers.


Amber Peoples

Amber Peoples has a diverse background in several areas requiring the strength of both the left and right brain. She started her career as a teacher in Secondary school (middle and high school), focusing in English and humanities. During the time she taught, her "side hustle" was event planning.


Following many years in the corporate world, Amber's mom started her own business and recruited Amber to work with her. During this time, Amber's mom showed her the ropes of product development, merchandising, website, and e-commerce sales. Amber then created her own brand, A-List by Amber accessories. When her brand was picked up by the shopping channel in Minneapolis, MN, Amber became a successful guest host, selling 6,000 to 10,000 units in one night's presentations. The rest is history. Amber has remained a key player for A-List Branding managing book-keeping and finances, as well as through product development and her role as a branding director.

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Mavis Lloyd

Mavis brings ample experience in building relationships with diverse groups and organizations, as well as the ability to coordinate and collaborate with teams. Over the past thirty years, she has been extensively involved in a broad range of professional and civic organizations. Through these experiences, she has developed a unique set of skills in event planning, board development, and personal and professional growth. Mavis has an entrepreneurial spirit and is skilled in developing and sustaining client relationships.


Mavis' passion is helping clients create an experience with a purpose, message, and impression to last a lifetime. Planning an event is not only about throwing a party, it is about creating a spectacular commemoration for a special audience. As an A-List team member, Mavis crafts customized branding plans for each client to help them stand out. She will maximize your brand strategy and elevate YOU as your Best Brand Ambassador!