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Milestone Innovator: Mavis Lloyd

Retirement doesn’t have to mean packing up an RV Florida bound to play bingo; it doesn’t have to mean all-you-can-eat buffets on cruise ships. There’s also more to a woman’s latter seminal years than being a permanent babysitter for grandchildren or spouses. Modern Milestone Lady, Mavis Lloyd is breaking down those antiquated barriers and putting her best heel forward as owner and creative designer of the Milestone Innovators. Milestone Innovators is an event planning business as well as a retail, support, and social group for women of a certain age with a flair for all things classy, savvy, and FABULOUS.

“Our mission is to build milestones of success for women who are seeking to broaden their experiences, enhance their images and enjoy the wonderful lives they so richly deserve.” -Mavis Lloyd

The Milestone Ladies curate anything from home décor to event design, to styling experiencesn . Mavis is the embodiment of a Milestone Lady, and it is her story which includes lifelong advocacy for women that resonates directly with all hues of ebony ladies.

Mavis began her career as a professional advocating for women and juveniles in underserved communities while celebrating the personal and professional growth of their milestones along the way. She has spent over 30 years in leadership positions throughout the city of Dallas serving non-profits, juvenile justice agencies, and community organizations.

As she grew closer to her much anticipated and well-deserved departure from corporate America, she wanted to create a different journey for the best years of her life. Mavis enlisted her longtime friend, fashion maven and branding mogul, Janet Jack, CEO of A-List Branding to help her create a vision

for her next chapter. The two joined forces to help Mavis create her brand, Milestone Innovators. Janet merged Mavis’ unique professional skill set and love for underserved but well-deserved communities (black women) with her passion to celebrate life’s finest moments.

While reminiscing on life’s remarkable moments with girlfriends, social media followers, and millennial mentees, Mavis decided to take the opportunity to create occasions rather than wait for them. Mavis curated her first innovative event that debuted trendy yet tasteful loungewear from their Milestone Ladies Boutique Collection. It was a savvy affair that gave all the grown and sexy vibes. The women partnered with and showcased local black women creatives all over the Dallas Metroplex. This event was the launch for Milestone Innovators.

Aside from hosting chic events, Mavis and the ladies make it their mission to connect with other women on social media. These Milestone ladies have a social media presence with a selective following of like-minded women who share their coveted fashion finds, celebrate major life moments, and support causes that uplift and empower women of color.

Mavis is living proof that there is more than one way to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A-list branding tapped into her knack for justice and advocacy to help her create a brand dedicated to bringing classy, savvy women together for momentous occasions. Milestone Innovators inspires women of all ages that it is never too late create a fabulous affair.

If you want to love what you do and need brandspiration, contact A-List Branding.

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